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Beginning of Faze Three

Faze Three Limited Started as a trading company under the name Faze 2


Faze Three becomes a manufacturing company

Faze Three Limited moved from a trading company to become a manufacturing company.


Public stock Exchange listing

Faze Three Limited listed itself on Public stock Exchange.


Faze Three Expansion

Faze Three’s Panipat Manufacturing Unit expansion begun, setting up a total of 4 Units.


Joint venture with AUNDE

Faze Three Limited Set up a joint venture with AUNDE to Produce Automotive technical textiles.


Faze Three units setup in Silvassa

Faze Three Limited Set up 2 automated manufacturing automotive and home textile units in Silvassa.


New Processing unit in Vapi

Faze Three Limited set up a processing unit in Vapi, Gujrat.


Acquisition of Whitley Willows

Faze Three Limited set up a bathmat production in Silvassa by Acquiring a Uk based floor covering manufacturer Whitley Willows.


Acquisition of Pana Textile in Munich, Germany

Faze Three Limited acquired Pana Textile in Munich, Germany.


Largest Auto Textile Supplier

Faze Three Limited Automotive division become the largest Automotive textile supplier in entire India.


Acquisition of Aunde stake

Faze Three Limited promoters acquired JV partner Aunde’s stake.


Started the textile digital printing

Faze Three Limited set up digital printing for textiles and floor coverings.


Faze three is a global textile force with a vision statement to become the largest home textile and automotive producer in the world. Our journey began 38 Years ago.

We articulate a vision appropriate to the Global context. The Vision requires each of the Faze Three businesses to attain leadership of international competitiveness, whilst not forgetting it’s obligation to the Indian Society.

The company will uphold it’s values so as to remember that profit is a means rather than a end in itself. It will have unwavering commitment to integrity, ethical conduct and teamwork.

It will continue to identify vitality as a driving force by strengthening competitive capability, deepening consumer insights, breakthrough innovations in the product and process. The company will continuously increase its ability to rapidly absorb knowledge and harness technology along with leveraging market opportunity.

Faze Three is therefore committed to stay on course of a challenging strategic path and is willing to go the distance in its quest for enduring value for its shareholders.




End to end integration from Yarns to Finished goods.A Green Channel Supplier for most retailers worldwide.


India’s Largest Automotive seat Fabric manufacturer- Fazethree Autofabrics


7 home textile manufacturing locations, 3 in Silvassa, 1 in Vapi, and 3 in Panipat


2 in-house International
standard textile
processing units


Integrated Polyester
Yarn Production


We live in a global community. As customers get more and more discerning and exposed to new global trends, we constantly strive to bring them the latest designs and style. We are the front runners in setting design trends for the industry, that to our talented design teams operating collaboratively in 3 continents.

Design studio in America

Our team forecasts trends and develop designs for different products and collections. They work closely with all our retailer network.

Design studio in England

England team works very closely with retailers network in Europe to incorporate latest technologies within our product range.

Design studio in Mumbai

Mumbai design studio provides design support and service as well as develop innovative product solutions based on consumer feedback.

Design Studio in Panipat and Silvassa

Our team at production units translates various design inputs from different studios into production and delivery of high quality products.


We are keen listeners. We constantly talk to consumers to understand their explicit and latent needs. We look to understand the challenges they face using our products. This dialogue forms the basis of our innovation strategy.

We take our findings and work with our engineers, merchandisers, design teams and marketing teams to see if we can take an idea and turn it into a product. Constant focus on the research drives our team to award winning efforts.

Another facet of our innovation strategy comprises of understanding new developments within the markets where we operate, what is new and exciting in terms of products, communications or display styles.

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Innovation Process

Our USA team is in the field every day asking questions, looking for new ideas and solutions. Our team in India works with experts to understand how we can improve or revise our processes to make our products better than what is available in the market.

We are continually looking to improve all aspects of the manufacturing process -from our entire manufacturing cycle to packaging and shipping.

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Our products conform to the highest quality standards set by the best of stores worldwide.

Our aim has always been not only to meet quality expectations, but surpass them and create a new benchmark within the industry. We have achieved a series of awards and accreditation’s for quality from customers and independent bodies. We have consistent policies from raw material sourcing to final production.

Accreditation & Certifications

We have been implementing high quality standards and practices for manufacturing and product delivery. Below are some certifications;

  1. ISO-14001 Env. Management System
  2. SA 8000 Social Accountability System
  3. ISO-9001 Quality Management System
  4. ISO-17025 Laboratory Management System

For complete list;
View All Certifications and Accreditation

Customer Service

Faze Three Ltd., is highly customer oriented company. We are always trying to see how we can offer solutions and make life better for our consumers. This has motivated  us to constantly innovate and successfully introduce new products in the market every six months. Constant feedback from retail clients influence new textile ranges for different purposes. All our products offer some kind of innovation, be it in construction, fiber or appearance.

Quality Control

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Outdoor Home Textiles

Outdoor home textile products undergo severe weather conditions like exposure to UV, Visible light, Humidity & Heat. Hence weather resistance of outdoor textiles is a key requirement. Outdoor textiles are validated for Superior light fastness, wet & dry crocking & water repellent properties.

Autofab laboratory has Xenon Arc lamp weatherometer to test and validate Outdoor Color fastness, wet & dry crocking and Oil and Water repellent properties of outdoor textiles. Autofab laboratory to initiate accreditation status for Outdoor Textiles testing to shorten development cycle time.

Labour Laws

Labour policies of the company are in line with the best principles of ethical standards followed Internationally.

  • No child & forced labour.
  • No discrimination.
  • Freedom of association.
  • Compensation as per law.
  • No excess working hours.
  • Safe working conditions.
  • Healthy working conditions.
  • Group medical insurance.
  • Group personal accident policy.
  • Provident Fund, Gratuity and bonus benifits.
  • Personal protection equipment to all workers.
  • Adequate and clean eating places in the factory.
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