Automotive & Technical Textiles

Automotive Seat Covers

Faze three along with their auto fabrics textile division has developed a state of the art high performance car seat cover incorporating all the properties of TAF as well as taking OEM grade standards for airbag deployment making one of the best performing seat covers in the market.

Outdoor Range

The outdoor range at faze three was started in 2012 and every year we have been expanding in this segment. We have specialized in products such as Outdoor furniture covers, Awning fabrics, Canopies, Lounge cushions and Fade Resistant and Water Repellent Outdoor Cushions.


Due to the Global Pandemic FazeThree Limited has launched a reusable High Performance Face Mask. Adhering to international Particle Filtrate Efficiency and Bacteria Filtrate Efficiency standards of 95% + for 0.3 microns as well as additional attributes of Hydrophobic, Antibacterial and Antiviral performance standards. More on F3 Germieshield Masks

K9 Range

Faze Three has tied up with local pet stores to understand every need of our K9 friends, we have developed Anti bacterial, Water Proof Dog beds and Dog Bed Covers as well as High Performance Pet Collars. K9 range is specially researched for homes with pets carrying dust mites and bacteria.

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