Textile is an essential part of a hotel because all the luxuries and comforts of the guests are somehow related to hotel textile products made with fabric such as sheets, pillowcases, blankets, carpets, curtains, dining room tablecloths, cloth napkins, and much more.

Hospitality Textile manufacturers

Textile are used as a symbol of luxury and an element of differentiation between the levels of services offered in the hotel. High quality textiles together with continuous innovation in design and concepts develops liking among the customers, increasing the brand value.

To fulfil the specific needs of hotels, more attention from the organized sector of textile industry is required. The recent trend suggest hospitality as one of the vital sectors to drive the growth in the global textile market moving ahead.

The selection of textiles play a key role when we talk about the hotel industry as each hotel desires to have an impact on the consumers with a distinct charm, with the best combination of appearance, design, structure and comfort trying to be the best among the competitors.

While the uncomplicated colors like white, beige and ivory have always been used for the utilities, there is also a tendency to play with contemporary colors, textures and concepts as every hotel would like to have a distinct personality and appeal.

Faze three is performing various research and developments by introducing new technologies to create comfortable and high quality hotel textile. We are having the capacity of high in quantity production this makes us top Hotel Textile Suppliers/wholesaler.

Faze Three’s range of hospitality textiles/ Hotel Textile includes:

· Top of Bed:

· Bathroom Mats:

· Blankets:

· Dining:

· Bed Linen:

· Bathrobes:

· Pillows and Blankets:

· Forte and velour Towels:

· Carpets:

· Curtains:

Faze Three is among those few Companies which has the highest quality product offering with innovative features/ properties and contemporary colors and designs, which can cater to hotels with different requirements.