Today’s trend is to mimic outdoors like indoors with cozy-couch that has comfortable cushions and carpets like our living rooms.

Long gone days we used plastic products because comfortable textile products were not suitable for the outdoors. The textile industry has innovated so many products that will make your outdoor experience more exotic than ever before be it your backyard/veranda or you go out for a picnic.

Outdoor textiles for Backyard or Patio

The few outdoor kitchen products are Stain-resistant Cushions Covers, Carpets, Covers for Pouffes and Ottomans Table cloth or Runner.

Won’t it be good if it’s waterproof? Obviously, Yes! Right?

It’s the magic of Coating/Finish. There are many types of coating that can make such things happen with the best quality.  

Outdoor fabric for camping and picnic

We step backward to go for a long distance based travel due to stay, hence, textile industry bought innovative solutions like portable Rainwear, portable Tents, portable Mattresses, Blankets, Totes, and Lounging mat are few outdoor textile products that come to the top of mind when we think about a picnic.

The textile industry has innovated to have all those products with such best quality and coating/finish that your products consists are:

  • Stain-resistant
  • Waterproof / water repellent
  • Capable of sustaining heat
  • UV resistant
  • Antimicrobial finish i.e. kills bacteria’s
  • Made with recyclable materials

Best Outdoor fabrics

  • Acrylic Fabric
    • Durable and long-lasting even when frequently used in direct sunlight.
    • Quick-dry, which reduces the chances of mildew
    • Strong yet comfortable.
    • Attractive and colorful, and it’ll stay that way for many years.
  • Olefin Fabric
    • Resists mildew and chemicals
    • Abrasion, fire, and chemical resistant
    • Water-based stains can be easily cleaned
    • Stain-resistant
  • Polyester Fabric
    • Water repellent and stain resistant
    • Durable and Chemical resistant
    • Heat resistant and UV protection

Usually, polyester fabric is preferred over others as it is very easy to blend with anything, and being a man-made fabric with its advantages surpasses others.

In today’s world with technology and creative people, nothing is unstoppable, and sky is the limit.  

At Faze three limited, we tend to focus on getting more products, new fabrics with unique designs and different types of coating/finish are being innovated every day.