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We are specialized in manufacturing tufted bathmats reversible or Latex coating in loops or cut piles and also manufacture knitted bathmats. We the Faze Three Limited produce bathmats for Multinational Retailers who operates hypermarkets in US, Canada, Europe, UK and Australia.

Bathmats are being placed in the Home Soft bath Rugs, Bathroom & Textiles, Luxury Cotton Bathmat, Marsha mallow Memory Bath Rug, Super Soft Quick Dry Bathmat, Sparkle Bathmat, Rubber Backed Bathmat and Super Micro Bathmat categories of retailers.

Features of Our Bathmats

Why Faze Three Bathmats?

Bathmats are Faze Three’s the largest category product, with production capacity of 20M Latex & 18M reversible mats per year. We have different set of products designed for home, office, hospitality sectors. Based on consumer demand. We are also leading producer and exporter of bathmats internationally, producing striped, textured and woven patterns of bathmats for overseas markets.

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Faze Three's Bathmat Product Range
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