Retailer Textile Solutions

Faze Three is a global brand and has the complete suite of products and services for home textiles and automotive fabrics.
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We are a vibrant company passionate about providing home textile innovation for almost 40 years.

Faze Three is a global retail textile producer and supplier. We offer complete suite of home textile products and services to all major retailers worldwide. Our large scale manufacturing facilities in India for bath mats, rugs, bedding products, pillows ,cushions and Outdoor performance products results in a strong presence in the home textile Market. We provide our retail partners the benefits of our expertise and robust infrastructure for inventory management, marketing and logistics.

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Faze Three seamlessly collaborates with our retail partners across the globe on every aspect of their inventory, marketing and distribution management.

Our success depends on the success of our partners.

Sales and Merchandising

Faze Three’s strong sales and merchandising teams based out of India, the USA, UK and Switzerland work closely with retailers to develop the most salable assortment of products.

We partner on product mix and planning calendars, through consumer research, observation and trends in consumer behavior. our team creates products as well as designs the display and packaging solutions for big retail houses.

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