Home & Decorative Textiles

Bath Mats

We added 2 bathmat manufacturing facilities with a capacity of 15m pieces. With machine & hand tufting capabilities, we manufacture Cotton, Nylon, RPET and Polyester filament-based EZYDRY and EZYLON yarn rugs and the bi-component fiber(BCF). Being Bathmat manufacturer we are integrated for technical tie ups with dope dyed polyester filament yarns for quick turn around.

Top of the Bed

Our trend savvy design studios design and develop unique printed and woven textured patterns for the bedroom. Our utility and fashion bedding capacities produce Blankets, Mattresses, Throws and Mattresses Pads incorporating the Protector Yarn, The Adjustor Yarn and the Boost Yarn.


As a pillow manufacturer, we have a variety of different types products such as Chair pads, Deck pillows, Bed pillows, Body Pillows and Outdoor Pillows with multiple surface innovations and a variety of different fillings this is one of Faze three’s major strengths which combines all the attributes of divergent textiles to give retailers innovative solutions to satisfy every possible demand in the market.

Kitchen Textiles

Faze three has worked with multiple retailers to build a vast product range within the kitchen ware textile segment to develop place mats, kitchen towels and innovative Aprons, using our resources from divergent textiles we have incorporated coatings such as Tire Fire and multiple other applications as seen under TAF.

Area Rugs

Faze three recently launched a vertically integrated line of area and accent rugs. Using our expertise in fiber extrusion and design innovation, our line boasts a diverse range of product and styles which include wall hanging rugs and staircase runners. To further enhance our area and accent rug introduction, Faze three is using our consumer research to develop best-in-class merchandising aids.


Faze three has made major investments in equipment to suffice every need of the customer from High Performance, Anti Fading, Digital Printed Curtains to Blackout Curtains. Luxurious curtain manufacturing is one of the fastest growing segments in Faze three’s product portfolio catering retail and hospitality sectors.

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