Decorative Pillows and Cushion Fabrics


“Pain in a neck when you wake in the morning,” is what happens when you choose an incorrect pillow.

Faze Three has researched on the same and we have come up with different types of pillows considering the needs of Side sleepers, Back sleepers, and Stomach sleepers.


A pillow or a cushion has to be comfortable but also make your bedroom/living room look elegant. That’s what we aim at.

recycled cotton yarn manufacturers in India

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Why Faze Three Pillows?

Faze Three is one of the pioneers in Indian textile manufacturers in pillows export to overseas market, with its quality certified textile production plants. We are known for our product variety, innovation, sustainability, and durability of our pillow and cushion products.

Our recent innovation was to produce all polyester Dec. Pillows made with Re-Polys recycled polyester. Our fabric is tested with Germiesheilds compound to provide 99% bacteria-free fabric. Our range consists of bed pillows, body pillows, textured and woven cushions, armchair pillows, chair-pads, and more.

Faze Three's Pillow Products Range
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