Protector Yarn

Fibre for Insect Protection
What Is Protector Yarn ?

It is the first ever yarn where the fiber has an integrated solution called permethrin for protection against insects such as Mosquitoes, Ticks, Bed Bugs, Dust Mites and many more insects. Additionally it is completely safe and has no affect on human beings.

Use of Protector Yarn

The Fiber is integrated with permethrin which along with being a component to Protect you against Deadly Insects has an active agent that has

  • High Wash Stability
  • UV Stability
  • Active agent “Permethrin”
  • A Life Long Function.
  • Oko-Tex Class I certified fabrics
Divergent Textiles, Protector Yarn

In practice if any mosquito sits on the article it will instantly fly away.

Multiple tests have been done with 100% mortality success rates against various insects.

It is a contact poison for Insects and has zero affect on human beings.

Permethrin the active agent instantly affects the nervous system of the insect and disorients the insect.

This is the most successful long term solution of a Fabric/Yarn against insects in the world today.

State of the Art: Impregnation

Tested function after 100 washing-cycles

→ WHO tube test (Mosquitoes)
→ Test against ticks
→ Test against bed bugs
→ Test against dust mites

-> Tested according TL 8305-0331

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Insecticide treated textiles – state of the art
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