Life-long skin care
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Launch of a new anti-aging

  • implies a continuous skin care by large-scale transfer of vitamin E acetate (α-tocopheryl acetate) on human skin.
  • Vitamin E has special properties:
    • It is use to capture free radicals
    • Use to repair and to regenerate damaged skin surface
    • To support the moisture regulation of the human skin.
  • Release of vitamin E turns into a life-long effect.
  • Textiles, which have a close contact to the body, getting an unknown importance for care and well-being.
  • Other active substances such as natural oils or medicines can be incorporated into the cellulosic structure besides vitamin E.

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Bio-compatibility assessment
  • Materials with contact to human skin have to be declared regard to cell damage or growth.
  • In-vitro cytotoxicity of DL-tocopherol fibres according to DIN 10993-5.
  • Human HaCa-T-Keratinocyte cell line with complete epidermal differentiation capacity.

->Lyocell staple fibers show no cytotoxicity meaning improved proliferation of human cells can be expected.

Washing and bleaching durability of yarn
  • After 100 washing cycles at 60°C even 60 % of the initial tocopherol content can be detected.
  • Reactive dyeing lowers the content to ca. 70 %, after 100 washing cycles of dyed yarn contains ca. 40 % of initial tocopherol.
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Fibre Composition

< 61 % Cellulose
> 6 % Tocopherole (Vitamin E)
~ 16 % Paraffin
~ 6 % Minerals

  • Bed-linnen
  • Underware
  • Nightware
  • Bathrobes
  • Babyware
  • Socks
  • Gloves
  • Semi-medical products
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