Best Blanket Manufacturers in India

Our body restores itself when we rest or sleep after a tiring day. Blanket Manufacturers Faze Three’s bedding and top of bed series of innovative product line up helps in increasing your well-being by improving peace of mind when you sleep and the rest you need.


Blankets are kind of soft cloth, used to keep the people warm while sleeping. Blankets are exposed to sweat, oils, moisture from drink spills & other contaminants can easily become breeding grounds for bacteria, mold and mildew. Blankets can be divided into many types considering their thickness, construction and fill material. Faze three manufactures and supplies finest quality cotton blankets worldwide. IN the last 38 years Faze Three has built clientele for superior blankets to over 50 major retailers globally spread over 15 countries. We have a dedicated plant to manufacture quality blankets products depending on the client’s requirements using the latest technology.

We are the renowned Blanket manufacturers and suppliers in India. We deal in the variety range of products:

Stain Release Blanket

Stain release is a finishing technology, easy to apply and ready-to-use. The finish ensures stains are easily removed from blanket with washing.

The blanket product is protected from contamination, is long lasting and thus helps keep replacement costs down

Egyptian Cotton Blanket:

  • The product is made from world finest known cotton
  • Strength makes yarn more solid and stress resistant
  • Egyptian cotton has deeper, brighter, more resistant colors
  • High absorbency; Extra soft
  • Antimicrobial finish
  • Sustainable by nature

Supima Cotton Blanket

  • Retains color for longer duration
  • Sustainable by nature
  • Antimicrobial finish

Organic Cotton Blanket

    • Environmental Friendly Cotton
    • Organic cotton is grown without the use of toxic & persistent pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizer
    •  Organic cotton is more often rain-fed, which reduces pressure on local water sources

Faze three blanket product range

  • Chevron
  • Ribbed
  • Textured
  • Melange
  • Diamond Stripe
  • Faux Waffle
  • Yarn Dyed Stripe
  • Sone-wash


Blanket Manufacturers

Blanket Manufacturers in India

We have been implementing high quality standards and practices for manufacturing blankets and product delivery. Below are some certifications;


  1. ISO-14001 Env. Management System
  2. SA 8000 Social Accountability System
  3. ISO-9001 Quality Management System
  4. ISO-17025 Laboratory Management System

We have a professional backend team working on the various products to deliver the quality blankets over the sea.  We make sure that our customers are happy with our products range. Even we provide customized blankets and pillows based on customers’ requirements on the color and design. We have individual team for designing, sectional wrapping, biming, drawing, knotting, weaving, grey fabric inspection, Markings, cutting, stitching, folding and packing the product. You can give us a single buzz, a mail or can reach our address. We make sure that you will be happy to shop with us.


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Best Blanket Manufacturers in India

Blankets are kind of soft cloth, used to keep the people warm while sleeping. Blankets are exposed to sweat, oils, moisture from drink spills

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