Face masks have become an image in the battle against the corona virus, Masks ought to be worn whenever you are in public or having a close interaction with someone.

Best face masks act as a physical boundary to shield you and others from viral and bacterial infection. Numerous individuals unknowingly contaminate other by going out and spreading germs by coughing or touching other.

A recent study has demonstrated that we have to be aware of low quality face masks in the market where the corona virus will go directly through cloth and bandannas.

FaceMask Manufacturer


So, Faze Three limited who is known for its quality, product variety, innovation, sustainability, state-of-the-art factories, and ethical labor practices have come up with high-quality face mask for men and women by meeting the best standards like:

  1. Breath-ability – Differential pressure(Delta P) – IS 16289
  2. Splash resistance – ASTM F1862
  3. Particular filtration efficiency at 0.3 microns(ASTM F2299)
  4. Bacterial filtration efficiency(ASTM F 2101)
  5. Flammability – 16 CFR

Let’s dig deeper into the qualities of these face mask:

  • Stain release with anti-microbial finish:

Antimicrobial finish is a durable formula intended to infiltrate every fiber of your face mask.

Fabrics exposed to sweat, oils, moisture from drink spills & other contaminants can easily become breeding grounds for bacteria, mold, and mildew.

Application of antimicrobial finish on mask:

* It adds an extra layer of protection from pathogenic micro-organisms causing diseases to protect the end-user.

* As the face mask is protected from contamination and long-lasting, thus helps to keep your replacement cost down.

* Stain release is a finishing technology, easy to apply, and ready to use. The finish ensures stains are easily removed from the mask with washing.

  • Water resistant:

These face masks are made with soft woven with water-repellent finish using cotton & polyester. Dyed for rich and lasting color.

Masks are designed to resist moisture, fading stains & mildew resistant. This product is free from harmful poisons and irritants. the production is eco-friendly and doesn’t produce any water, air, or noise pollution.

Various face mask designs manufactured by FazeThree limited:

1. Model :- Miami-Front; Miami-Back

Pleated with three layer for both Miami-Front and Miami-Back.

face mask supplier

2. Model :- Monaco-Front; Monaco-Back

All the three layers are with replaceable filters for both Monaco-Font and Monaco-Back.

face mask producer

3. Model :- Fuji-Front; Fuji-Back

Three layer flat for Model Fuji-Front

Three layer flat for Model Fuji-Back

face mask exporter

4. Model :- Fuji Plus-Front; Fuji Plus-Back

All the three layers are flat for both Fuji Plus-Front and Plus-Back.

face mask manufacturer

5. Model :- Spacer-Front; Spacer-back

Three layer mesh for Model Spacer-Front

Three layer mesh for Model Spacer-Back

face mask exporter

6. Model :- Texas-Front; Texas-Back

Three layer flat for Model Texas-Front

Three layer flat for Model Texas-Back

face mask producer

7. Model :- Texas Plus-Front; Texas Plus-Back

Three layer flat for Model Texas Plus-Front

Three layer flat for Model Texas Plus-Back

face mask supplier

8. Model :- Fuji Logo-Front; Fuji Logo-Back

Three layer flat for Model Fuji Logo-Front

Three layer flat for Model Fuji Logo-Back

face mask manufacturer

These models are made with:

Outside layer :-   Polyester (with a hydrophobic coating and antimicrobial and antiviral)

Middle layer :- 4 layer fabric (1-spun bond, 2-melt blown, 3-melt blown, 4-spun bond) this middle layer is what helps pass the bacteria filtrate efficiency test and particle filtrate efficiency test)

Inner layer :- Cotton layer used because this comes in contact with the face and is soft to touch (antimicrobial and antiviral treatment done) Colors available in :-

Colors available in :-


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