FazeThree limited has been consistent in adapting newer and more efficient technologies.

They have again come up with adopting renewable energy to contribute a greater extent to the growth of clean energy in the society.

By installing solar rooftop at our unit, FazeThree has been able to convert our unused rooftop real estate into a clean-energy generating asset. This 110 KW solar plant will help us in reducing our carbon footprint and being more sustainable.


renewable energy in textile industry

Why solar for textile:

Solar gives textile producers control of one of the critical cost factors, and gives them a drawn-out separation. The early adopters of solar who profit themselves of AD and REC benefits as of now accessible would have constructed a drawn-out differentiation for their organizations and a winning proposition in the commercial centre.

Technology & Impact:

Faze Three is investing in the latest cutting edge solar technology and creating a state of the art plant.

The plant is designed with Mono-PREC solar modules from one of the world’s leading brands – Jinko Solar and the world’s most advanced Generation-3 inverters from the global market – leader – Solar Edge Technologies.

These inverters not only extract maximum generation from the plant but also provide incredible safety features along with module-level remote monitoring of the plant. The plant design and installation are being done by one of India’s leading rooftop solar companies, Solar Square Energy – which is the only company in India to have UL-Certification for its solar plants, worlds toughest industry standard on solar plant quality & safety.

Our solar plant is required to produce 1,50,000 units yearly – sparing 106 Metric Tons in CO2 Emissions per annum.

This is equivalent to planting 1,754 trees each year. At Faze Three, while we continue to be an industry leader.

We are also proud to further our efforts towards being more sustainable.


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