Growth in Demand for Home Textiles

Developing countries like India have become one of the leading sources for home textiles for North America, Europe, and Asia pacific.

Production capacities in India have grown exponentially for home and decorative textile segments for exports over the past decade.

Home Textile Manufacturers in India

A recent survey depicts Brazil, Russia, India, and China (BRIC) to be the core markets pushing the growth for textile production. Latin America and the Middle East are going to increase their demand and become prospective markets for luxury textiles for homes, hotels, hospitals, etc. Development of end-user divisions like housing, office spaces, healthcare, and hospitality has shown off enthusiasm for home textile among consumers.

Another prediction with regards to developing nations will add more than 33% of the world’s spending by 2020, by bringing more power to consumers from emerging economies.

There is an increase in the number of retail stores for a verity of fabrics and textiles. Indian textile manufacturing companies have upped their ante for the production of bathmats, shower curtains, pillows & cushions, rugs, throws, blankets, carpets, floor coverings, etc.

Back in India, the decorative textile spaces would always increase demand in the festive season. Diwali festival in India contributes to the huge spike in home and decorative space even abroad, where there is a huge population of Indians; and the demand is likely to kick up.

The demand for Indian handloom and handmade carpets is rising in the majority of countries in European countries and Great Britain. Handmade floor carpets are much superior and durable with natural fibred compared to machine-made carpets which makes it an interesting segment of unexplored opportunities in the home textile domain. Faze Three has been introducing new product lines in all sections of home textile products for every festive season. Every product line at Faze three goes thru intensive innovation with modern technology. We produce and export Home Decor Textiles, Beddings textile, Kitchen textiles, Bath Linen, Outdoor Textiles with inputs from design studios across continents as a premier exporter of Faze three produces home textile products with what is in demand in the respective markets.

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