Divergent Textile Products

Bleach Armour

Initially we developed this bathmat for the hospitality industry where bleach cleaning is required regularly. Even after 100 washings the bathmat was unaffected by Chlorine bleach. No hardening or yellowing of the rubber back will be visible even with continued performance in high traffic area.


EazyDry is a Range of bathmats Featuring incredible power for quick drying while having a luxurious rich, full feel. The product is recommended as an upgraded hand feel to current Mainstays product with finer denier, stain resistance, fade resistance, machine washable and at a highly competitive cost.

Tenacious Automotive Fabric

TAF is a premium fabric used in automobiles having multiple properties like anti pilling, anti bacterial, soil resistant, stain resistant and flame retardant along with Teflon Finish. These premium properties in TAF can be incorporated in our products to suit the consumer requirements.

Tire Fire

The tire fire yarn or coating is a special formulation made to enhance the anti flammatory properties in man made fibers for protection of the end user. Yarn produced depending on the customer requirements.

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