We all knew how difficult and irritating it is when you have a huge family utilizing the same bath mat over and over and it gets completely soaked up at the end. It is very difficult for those who are hygienic and who crave for cleanliness.

Well, no more worries about this problem as this issue can be solved with an EASY DRY QUICK DRYING BATH MAT with the help of best bath mat manufacturers in India. Faze three has been the best Bath Math manufacturers in India. we tend to focus on getting more innovation solutions and designs for our Valuable Products.

Easy dry bath mat has been our largest category Product having enormous of Designs with the best quality, which absorbs the dampness quickly from the mat and makes to feel much more pleasant. Our bath mats has an amazing wicking power of Easy dry having a luxurious rich, full feel and comfortable.


Top 5 features of our EASY DRY Quick Drying Bath Mat:


bath mat manufacturer


  • Currently recommended as an upgraded hand feel to current mainstays product with finer denier
  • Made in muted cotton look and in bright cheerful colors
  • Has the option of recycling raw fibers into yarns
  • Quick drying and highly absorbent ultra-soft synthetic fabric.
  • These fabrics are treated to last longer with high-quality fade resistance property , Stain Resistance  and Washable in the Machine


The Best designs of easy dry bath mats:


  1. Textured Stripe Bath Mat

Faze three’s Textured stripe Bath Mats are enhanced with a textured surface which gives highly soothing feel to your freshly washed feet.


bath mat producer
Textured stripe Bath Mats


  1. Traditional Bath Mat

EASY DRY bath mat surpasses traditional fabric shower mats with the remarkable capacity to absorb and scatter water efficiently.


bath mat exporter
Traditional Bath Mats


  1. Yarn Dyed Bath Mat

We are providing the best quality  of Yarn Dyed  Bath Mats with a range of high quality and attractive designs.  All the yarns which are cone dyed with more than one color to ensure a perfect color.


bath mat manufacturers in india
Yarn dyed Bath Mats


  1. Spa Bath mat

There is a great feel in experiencing our SPA bath Mats and having bounce retention after repeated wash which shows the best quality and you feel like Luxurious just like stepping on a cloud.


Corduroy stripe border Bath Mats
SPA Bath Mats


  1. Marble Texture Bath mat

Our Marble Texture Bath Mats have the great features like revolutionary fiber and feather touch, which are highly absorbent and consists of 100% Polyester with the huge advantage of Non-skid backing which varies from a different products.


Marble Texture Bath Mats



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