Home or interior textiles can be characterized as textiles utilized for home furnishing.

These pieces are utilized in an assortment of applications through the room.

It consists of a different scope of functional as well as enriching products which are mainly utilized in designing our homes/offices.


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The fabrics utilized for home textiles consist of both natural and man-made fibers. Sometimes we likewise mix these fibers to make the textures stronger. Generally, home textiles are created by weaving, sewing, stitching nonwovens, hitching, or squeezing fibers together.

Home textile is a somewhat significant piece of technical textiles which incorporates yet not constrained to rugs, carpets, bathmats, floor covers, curtains, cushion covers, napkins, towels and toweling fabric, bedspreads, furnishing fabric and upholstery, table linen, bed linen, sheets and pillowcase, blankets, shower curtains, aprons just as backdrops.

The following are widely used applications in Home Textiles: 

Bath mats: A bath mat is a fabric utilized on the floor of a bathroom to give a soothing non-slip surface and to absorb limited quantities of water, much like a towel. Bath mats are comparative yet smaller than bath rugs and are intended to keep before a tub, shower, or vanity to fill in as cover or slip-safe surface.

Bath rugs: Bathroom carpets are an inexpensive and magnificent approach to give new life to any washroom and permit inventive opportunity without heading off to the degree of putting a new layer of paint on the walls.

Bedspreads: Bedspread is a decorative cover for a bed and is similar to a large blanket, which is placed over the bed. Colors, shapes, fabrics, and sizes play an important role while selecting the perfect bedspreads.

Pillow: It is a large cushion used as a support for the head while sleeping.

Pillow cover: It is used to cover the pillow and avoids stains and dust accumulation. One of the quickest ways to change the feel of a room is to change the pillow cover to create a fresh new color scheme.

Throw: They are excellent home furnishing adornment created out of impeccable fabrics, and will be treasured for considerable years of time to come.

Used for both fancy and functional purposes.

Floor Coverings: It binds all the components of a room together. It holds furniture items, bestows protection against the world’s coolness and darkness. A delicate floor covering makes a room comfortable and gives it a completed appearance.

Rising worldwide interest for household products such as bed linen, rugs, mats, carpets, quilts, mattresses, cushion covers, floor covers, towels, hand towels, bedsheets, and so forth and developing buyer mindfulness has made home materials a rewarding business section. Fashion sensitivity towards household furnishing has expanded as the quick design has hit the attire showcase as well as the home market also.

 Home design has become a different portion as consumer awareness towards excellent living has expanded.

To cater to the expanded interest, the quantity of retailers entering the home materials market is likewise expanding. In addition, the appearance of E-commerce In the portion is further making the market significantly progressively serious, and with the expanding number of sites, the commercial center is additionally encountering development. Fueling the market development, research, and advancement in the home textile segment has been immense.

India has emerged as an important source for a wide range of home textile products, categorized as linens and domestic products, for markets around the globe. Buyers of Indian home textile products are impressed with the product range combined with innovation and functional properties, designs, colors, and endowed with a touch of human originality.

 India’s export potential for home textile products has grown phenomenally and it is expected that import penetration of home textiles to the US and EU markets will increase manifold.

India accounts for 7 percent of global home textiles trade.

The Textile ministry of India has a Utopian and promising vision for the home materials fragment as the exchange agreements with EU and other significant exchange associations are in the discussions to encourage the simplicity of working together.

The differentiating factor in India’s product base is the research, innovation, and value addition that has been done upon the products that are manufactured and that is the prime reason for the Indian products to survive the cut-throat competition, by going an extra mile!


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