Textile Products with Wellness Factor

Textile products manufactured with intelligent properties are undoubtedly going to make a mark in the Home Textile and Apparels industry. There is an increasing demand for products designed to respond to adverse environmental conditions and thereby provide enhanced protection. Divergent Textiles also one of them.

Faze Three Limited is pleased to introduce a range of such products manufactured with raw materials containing scientifically designed properties adding to the user’s wellness.

This range includes intelligent textile products ADJUSTOR, PROTECTOR and BOOST with first of its kind wellness properties.


divergent textiles products manufacturer


Introducing ADJUSTOR:This unique and intelligent feature embedded in the product has the ability to smartly regulate and control the body temperature naturally by absorbing excess heat when the ambient temperature increases and releasing it back to the body when the temperature drops, thereby keeping the body temperature to the optimum. The active agent – Paraffineacts as a Phase change material (PCM) which has the capability to latently accumulate energy by changing its form from solid to liquid and give it back to the body when the temperature dips by returning to the original form.

Additional features:


  • Moisture absorption of cellulosic fiber results in optimal body climate
  • Excellent textile manufacturing and consistent colorability
  • Even with high PCM load surface remains smooth with reliable processing
  • Insensitivity to mechanical and chemical stress allows washing of fibers and textiles


Introducing PROTECTOR:It is a fact that every year at least a million lives are claimed by Mosquitoes by transmitting deadly disease like Malaria, Zika, Yellow fever, etc.,Yet mankind has not just been able to eradicate them. While the vaccines and medical treatment do their job, we have to find ways to repel the mosquitoes and other deadly insects from contacting our body.

The PROTECTOR range of products by Faze Three are developed with the coating of active ingredient ‘Permethrin’on the fibre, which has long lasting effectiveness preventing the contact ofdust mites, bedbugs and vectors (mosquitoes and ticks) with the body without having any harmful effect on the body thereby protecting the body from the deadly creatures.

These protective range of products with excellent washing and UV durabilityand life long function of the active agent are the most powerful weapon protecting the body against the moths and deadly attacks by vectors.


Introducing BOOST: The human skin constantly battles the free radicals caused by UV rays and pollution during the day time. However, they have the natural ability to heal and restore the damaged cells during sleep. It is well known that application of cosmetics such as antioxidants during night results in better repair and restoration of the cells owing to deeper penetration of active ingredients. Textiles, which have a close contact with the body can play an important role facilitating such antioxidants to the skin.

BOOST range of products by Faze Three are impregnated with the mostly known antioxidant Vitamin E thereby claiming special cosmetic functions on the skin.Vitamin E has special properties to capture free radicals, repair and regenerate damaged skin surface and support the moisture regulation of the human skin. The release of Vitamin E turns into a life-long effect.

Range of divergent textile products offered by Faze Three: Blankets, Mattress pads, covers, pillows, sleeping bags, fiber fillings, Chair pads, etc.,


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